Param Healthcare & IT Services, Inc. (PHIS) is venture of Param group. From its�inception, PHIS has achieved milestones in customer services and customer focus.

Research and Development

Param Bhakti Healthcare & Research Services (PBHR) is an affiliate of PHIS. PBHR is dedicated to novel research in pairing natural compounds with modern drug delivery technology to treat chronic diseases.


Param Institute of Education (PIE) was established as vocational school in New Jersey to provide education in the field of Technical and Non-Technical subjects.

Param Care Foundation

ParamCARE foundation, a New Jersey charitable and IRS 501(c) (3) certified non-profit organization, promotes various activities for healthy living and well-being socially, physically and emotionally.

Solution & Product Development

Param Solution Development division develops unique IT and Healthcare Products such as ParamMD, EMR, Hayosha and Homecare Software.

Information Technology

Param Consulting Services Incorporated (PCSI) provides full IT innovations and services in the field of Project Management, Solution Implementation, Staffing and Product Development.

PARAM Inc. is a world- wide US corporation, registered in New Jersey since 2001, with global presence in the United States, Canada and India. It has a mission to deliver high quality services for Information Technology, Healthcare, Medical, Education, Social Services and Innovative Research.

Our Focus is on providing value added quality services and connecting people with the world using the latest technology with our skilled and experienced staff. Each company in the PARAM GROUP specializes and focuses on specific business sectors; providing technology solutions, business services and highly skilled team members to translate your needs into solutions on time and within your budget constraints. Our dynamic team of experienced and highly qualified professionals will assess the specific needs of each client and custom develop or tailor solutions for each unique requirement. We develop a strategy for our clients and follow a proven process to increase productivity. We service a large client base in Government, Private, Public and Non-Profit sectors across the globe with diversified business activity. Our commitment to the community in which we serve extends beyond the product and services we offer. At PARAM, we deliver our best product which is innovation and sustainability in the competitive Global Market.

We regularly update our standards, methodology and deliverables to establish innovative solutions that pave the path for future success. We empower our team to thrill for success.

We are a global group with diversified business operation in three countries. We at PARAM work as one team and provide equal opportunity to every individual. We have a team of highly skilled professionals, who are passionate and aggressively meet any challenge, developing the future of new technology. We have a diversified team with MBAs, CAs, CFAs, Researchers, Engineers, Educators, MDs and RNs. We give freedom to our team based on accountability and trust and support them to create innovation.

To become one of the world's admirable Organization (global leader) in the field of IT, Education and Healthcare.
Lead the Business by Innovation and strategy to develop growth of life.